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Reaper Auto Industries ( formerly Ceramic X) Product Paint Warranty

  1.  Tychon IX and Ultimate Warranty is valid for Eight (8 years from the date of application for any vehicle. This warranty requires annual inspection.
  2.  Svalinn IX and Pro Warranty is valid for Five (5) years from the date of application for any vehicle. This warranty requires annual inspection.
  3.  aegis IX and Lucent Warranty is valid for Three (3) years from the date of application for any vehicle. This warranty requires annual inspection

If the ceramic coating fails to perform to the conditions it states and the vehicle has met the following conditions below then an approved installer will reapply the coating to the affected panel at no charge to the owner.

General Terms & Conditions

The following general terms and conditions apply to any and all Ceramic X Warranty Program products:

  1. Warranty term begins from the date of application by an approved installer.
  2. This agreement excludes vehicles used for commercial purposes at any time previous to, presently, or during the course of this warranty period;
  3. Initial application must be performed by a Certified Reaper Auto Industries Installer.
  4. Any application, re-application, repair work or other work carried out on the coated surface must be applied, reapplied, or repaired by a Certified Ceramic X Installer
  5. Our Agent must be notified of any claim due to failure of product performance within 30 days of occurrence;
  6. Vehicles over 3 months old must require a machine polish to be carried out by an approved applicator prior to application, newer vehicles may also require a machine polish if advised by the approved applicator.
  7. Vehicle must remain continuously registered within the country the coating was applied for the duration of the warranty; and
  8. Warranty is in the name of the vehicle owner and can only be transferred if new owner has the vehicle inspected by an approved Ceramic X installer within 30 days of purchase of the vehicle. Approved installers may charge an inspection fee to cover their time.

Annual Inspections

  1. Annual Inspections must be carried out by an approved applicator, within 30 days before or after the anniversary date of the last service to maintain the warranty. Approved applicators may offer alternate self inspection with evidence being submitted
  2. Failure to undertake an annual inspection or self inspection if allowed within the required period will void the warranty.
  3. No fee will be charged by the approved applicator for the Annual Inspection, however a fee will be charged if the vehicle owner requires any add on service such as – Exterior Wash, Decontamination, Gloss Renewal and Inspection.
  4. For inspections the car must have been washed within 24 hours of the inspection, if not then a fee may apply.

General Liability Limitations

Reaper Auto Industries, or its agents shall not accept liability for the following:

  1. Where the owner has deemed to have been careless, negligent or failed to maintain the exterior painted surface in the correct manner.
  2. Deterioration of factory-installed equipment or any other treated part of substandard specification, materials or workmanship by vehicle manufacturer, their dealership, third-party supplier or modifier, or professional detailer not authorized by Reaper Auto Industries ;
  3. Swirl marks, marring, scratches, scuffs, scrapes, chips to the painted surface, hard water spots.
  4. Pre-existing damage or deteriora­tion; and/or
  5. Any claim for matters which are covered by vehicle manufacturers’ warranty.
  6. Any loss of time or use of the vehicle while it undergoes inspections or treatments.
  7. Damage caused by manual or au­tomatic wash brushes, contaminated and/or abrasive cloths and spong­es, untreated areas due to accident damage and/or their subsequent re­pairs, and/or damage caused by im­pact with a foreign object (i.e., stone chips); and
  8. Warranty is valid for factory clear-coated systems only and excludes any non-clear-coated or matte finishes.

General Warranty Invalidations

Reaper Auto Industries  warranty for any product will be considered invalid if any of the following general condition occur:

  1. Neglect to maintain the vehicle according to the standards and techniques recommended by Ceramic X.
  2. Damage caused by abrasive compounds and polishes and third-party products;
  3. Damage resulting from a collision or other vehicle accidents;
  4. Damage or structural failure occurs as the result of racing applications or willful abuse
  5. Damage, either accidental or malicious, including but not limited to fire, flood, extreme weather conditions, secondary effects that may result from the foregoing, or any other force majeure;
  6. Failure to repair and re-treat surfaces subject to accident damage in accordance with the warranty;
  7. Damage caused by any alteration or modification to the vehicle surfaces;
  8. Damage caused by manufacturer’s defects;
  9. Damage to the vehicle prior to product application; and
  10. Failure to adhere to any requirements listed under the terms and conditions of this warranty.

 To Make A Claim:

Contact your installer directly or contact ourselves at the email address below