Welcome to Reaper Auto Industries

Here at Reaper Auto Industries we encompass multiple aspects of car care and maintenance in an effective environmental manner assisting customers to reduce pollution and the carbon footprint within our market sector.

Car wash and valeting services contribute towards the pollution of our waterways and eco-system.  In 2018 we started changes that has led to our re-branding to Reaper Auto Industries

Formerly ‘Ceramic X Protective Coatings’ alongside ‘Reflections WA – Car Detailing Services’ merged to form Reaper Auto Industries with a mission to change the way car care and valeting services are offered.

Paint Protection

Our range of professional grade ceramic coatings aid in the self cleaning process of vehicles meaning less wash time and effort so a lower impact on the environment.

Originally launched as certified installer only products.

Not everyone wants to pay for installer services, so by popular demand we decided to redevelop and release our top performing Aegis IX coating.

It’s a coating we ourselves warrant for 3+ years when installed by us, but as a retail product there’s no reason you cannot get the same life expectancy and end results.

Eco-Friendly Product Range

Many of today’s car care products contain harmful chemicals. Our ECO range of car care products are totally environmentally friendly and bio degradable meaning no hazardous substances will poison our waterways.

In addition we reduce the carbon pollution by selling the products in concentrate format. (You simply add the water yourself to the bottle).  This makes the products 90% lighter and therefore less weight to post, meaning less impact on carbon pollution.  As a customer it also means less cost to purchase.

We also sell just concentrate vials with bottle labels meaning you can recycle and reuse your own bottles helping the environment even more.

WaterWise Approval

We are the only Waterwise approved car steam cleaning system in Australia.

We have developed a range of car steam cleaning equipment and processes which will change how car valeting services are offered in the future.

It gives a superior, fast, clean finish, at reduced costs and significant impact on reducing the environmental impact.  Saving on average 95% of water compared to pressure washers.

Future Plans

Over the next three years we plan to roll this out throughout Australia and expand to other countries.

We estimate an annual saving of around 1.2 million litres of water for every location we operate.

ISO14001 Certification

We are currently finalising our application for ISO certification which we are aiming to have completed in the coming months.

As a company we believe we will be the first car valet service that will be ISO14001 certified, and we won’t stop there.

Our supply chain process already exceeds any requirements for certification as do our manufacturing and assembly processes.  We aim to lead the way in taking this from the supply chain to the end consumer. 

Re-educating consumers to be more environmentally astute will help prevent further water pollution whilst at the same time reducing the carbon and waterway pollution the car care industry contributes to.

We also believe our delivery method for our products is unique and something the general consumer will embrace whilst changing mindsets.

Why Bother?

Australia faces a real water supply shortage which unless action is taken could start to run out by 2050, early signs in some regional areas could be as early as 2025

Our Coral beds are dying meaning less oxygen in the sea.

With climate change getting worse every year.  If as a business we can change minds and attitudes then it is one of many areas in industry that we can help slow down the long term negative effects on our eco system.

Future Projects

We are committed to helping build a more eco friendly environment for our children and have plans to give a portion of our profits each month to community projects that will help the environment.

As a long term goal; we aim to establish a programme where school children can grow and replenish coral beds in our oceans. We believe this will also educate children in a positive way to be more Eco-Aware.