Aegis IX Ceramic

Aegis IX ceramic coating (Formerly Ceramic X Lucent coating) is our entry level professional grade coating that will impart a deep gloss shine that last for up to 3 years.

It offers superior protection to your vehicle’s paintwork from the damaging effects from the elements such as acid rain, UV rays, salt, water contaminants, and environmental pollutants.

Aegis IX provides an impressive gloss finish and protects your paintwork from contamination through its tough chemical resistance and hydrophobic properties.

Once applied there is no need to wax or seal post application of this extremely hard wearing, self-cleaning coating. The clear ceramic layer the ceramic coating forms prevents contaminants from adhering to your paintwork. Tree sap, tar, water spots, and other paint contaminants are easy to remove once the car is coated.

The high gloss transparent shield equals longer lasting paint protection that repels water, dirt, bug splat, road salt, ice, snow, and other environmental contaminants, leaving your vehicle cleaner in-between washes.

Pencil Hardness
Film Thickness
Chemical Resistance
Temperature Resistance
Adhesion Cross-Cut Tape
Mandrel Bend
Shelf Life
Bottle Size
Flash Time
Dry Time
Cure Time
3 Years +
Clear / High Gloss
0.5 to 0.75 µm
Very Good
> 760°C (1400°F)
(ASTM D3359) 5b (0%,none)
(ASTM D522) 0% @ 180° rotation
(ASTM D2794) 80/80 in lbs
12 months from QC / shipment date
60ml ( 2 x 30ml bottles)
12+ m² per 60ml
300 to 360 seconds
20 minutes
initial 2 hrs / Full cure 96 hours