Super Slick Hydrophobic Sealant

Our ‘Super Slick’ professional Sealant is the ultimate one coat and seal formula utilising and containing the very latest Nano technology, UV screens, durable waxes and acrylic resins that apply an invisible Nano shell coating to provide a powerful protection system for all painted, topside gelcoats and polycarbonate plastic surfaces.

The nano particles bond with the paintwork or surface applied to and fill in the microscopic defects in the surface that over time lead to moisture and contamination starting the corrosion process.  Once the sealant is applied within 24 hours it provides a long life protective barrier against natural and manufactured elements.

It protects treated surfaces from environmental and climate degradation whilst enhancing the appearance and maintaining the vehicles residual value without the need for re-waxing.

Our sealant has been tested to extremes to ensure suitability for use in the harshest of freezing polar and hottest desert climates throughout the world.

We ensure our product not only meets the demands of today’s ever changing environments but exceeds them beyond expectations:

QUV Weatherometer Accelerated Weathering Exposure Testing Equipment:

This comprises of 4,000 hrs continuous run cycle of 4 hrs UV immediately followed by 4 hrs condensation then repeated over and over.

The results:   Successful completion 4,000 hrs @ 60°C with no deterioration to original surface condition or colour.

(Theoretically 4,000 hrs are equivalent to 20 years of exposure to inclement and extremely challenging weather conditions).