Radical IX Marine Ceramic

Our premier marine coating, Ceramic X Radical Ceramic Nano Coating offers a full year of protection in the harsh marine environment.

Helping to minimize the corrosive effects of everything from acid rain to bird lime, solvents, adverse weathering effects of both underwater and above-water environments, conditions and elements, exhaust fumes, friction and heat.

It is a proven performer in the coating industry demonstrating temperature tolerances that exceed 1,000 degrees

Pencil Hardness
Film Thickness
Chemical Resistance
Temperature Resistance
Salt Spray
Adhesion Cross-Cut Tape
Mandrel Bend
Shelf Life
Bottle Size
Flash Time
Dry Time
Cure Time
1 Year + for extreme marine conditions
Clear / Candy Gloss
0,75 to 1 µm
> 760°C (1400°F)
(ASTM B117) @ 35°C, 5% salt conc, > 350 hrs to signs of corrosion
(ASTM D3359) 5b (0%,none)
(ASTM D522) 0% @ 180° rotation
(ASTM D2794) 80/80 in lbs
12 months from QC / shipment date
50ml, 275ml, 1 ltr, other on request
9 m² per 50ml bottle
0 to 90 seconds
20 minutes
initial 4 hrs / Full cure 72 hours