Revive – Speed Clean

Revive – Speed Cleanis the ultimate easy to use, environmentally friendly, exterior cleaning & detailing solution.

Speed Clean’s Super-Hydrophobic formula contains the very latest ‘Lotus-Leaf’ Nano Technology which cleans, refreshes, shines & Wax protects all in one.

Water-based, environmentally friendly product, contains no harsh chemicals or abrasives which could damage paintwork and trim.

Unique formula contains an advanced blend of surfactants, polymers, Carnauba and Nano wax technology that deliver superior shine, beading and hydrophobic water sheeting to all hard exterior treated surfaces; supremely cleans, details and protects paint, glass, plastic, gel-coats, alloys, chrome.

Speed Clean releases and suspends dirtand grime from all exterior surfaces to create a superb showroom, ‘just waxed’ finish.

Nano wax technology creates a mirror-gloss finish with added UV protection that repels water & dirt build-up for easy repeat cleaning.