Aviation Industry

Protecting the paintwork on any aircraft is a critical part of its maintenance and upkeep & can be an expensive exercise if contamination causes it to degrade.

Achieving unrivalled paint protection with one of the toughest coatings available whilst displaying an enhanced gloss look and feel, then Ceramic X – aviation specific products are a must.

Utilising proprietary ceramic technologies, Reaper Auto Industries unites its own molecular structure with the surface molecules of the aircrafts paint to become the functional shell of your airplane’s paintwork. Resulting in a semi-permanent ceramic coating that won’t wash off.

It exhibit unrivalled resistance to friction, heat, pollutants and solvents whilst providing a high gloss finish.

In a high-altitude environment the effects of damaging UV rays, moisture, extreme heat & pollution when compounded by other contaminants such as oil, fumes, chemicals ,bird lime and other insects degrade the aircrafts appearance casuing permanent damage whilst also affecting performance.

Using a proprietary coating technology, Reaper Auto Industries  Aviation Protection is specifically designed to offer the ultimate paint protection for aircraft, helicopters and jets.

The unsightly effects of oxidation and fading caused by atmospheric conditions are virtually all eliminated once our protective coating is applied.

Reaper Auto Industries Aviation Protection reduces contamination buildup on the treated surfaces so it gives an enhanced performance improving laminar flow and reducing drag, resulting in increased fuel efficiency.


RADICAL: Our premier aeronautics coating, Ceramic X Radical Ceramic Nano Coating offers a full year of protection in the harsh aeronautics environment. Helping to minimize the corrosive effects of everything from acid rain to bird lime, solvents, deicing solutions, exhaust fumes, friction and heat. It is a proven performer in the coating industry, having passed rigid Boeing approval testing and demonstrated temperature tolerances that exceed 1,000 degrees.

VISION is our premier glass coating which protects your windshield, windscreen, windows, mirrors, glass headlamps, and other glass surfaces from micro scratches while increasing the surface’s hydrophobic properties. Guaranteed for 2 years when professionally installed provides a clear, protective coating over glass to keep the surfaces cleaner and clearer, giving unrivalled durability and exceptionally low smear characteristics while improving driver visibility in all weather conditions.

TEXTILE is a complex, super-hydrophobic barrier based on advanced nanotechnology which protect your vehicles interior from fabric seats, carpet, leather, and vinyl. Professionally installed this product is guaranteed for 2 years but usually surpasses this warrantee lasting up to 5 years. All spills and stains are easily wiped up. Unlike other coatings your interior won’t become stiff and scratchy or change the colour and appearance. It expertly protects while retaining your natural look and feel.

SUPER SLICK SEALANT is the ultimate one coat and seal formula with a much cheaper price point than ceramic coatings.  Utilising and containing the very latest Nano technology, UV screens, durable waxes and acrylic resins that apply an invisible Nano shell coating it provides a powerful protection system for all aircraft’s interior painted,and polycarbonate plastic surfaces.


Our Waterless-ECO range of products are commercially proven and distributed globally and have been specially formulated to deliver maximum speed of care, ease of use, complete versatility and the ultimate finish.

Our environmentally friendly care solutions help to save wasting vast amounts of water, energy reserves together with eradicating airborne and downstream effluent pollution that is often created by traditional commercial cleaning and valeting methods using bucket with hose or high powered electricity and petrol driven pressure washing machines.

Commercial or domestic use we pride ourselves on giving the ability to work, smarter, more eco-friendly and knowing the products are all bio degradable so wont affect the environment.