Vision Glass Coating

Ceramic X Vision is our premier glass coating which protects your windshield, windscreen, windows, mirrors, glass headlamps, and other glass surfaces from micro scratches while increasing the surface’s hydrophobic properties.

Guaranteed for 2 years when professionally installed provides a clear, protective coating over glass to keep the surfaces cleaner and clearer, giving unrivalled durability and exceptionally low smear characteristics while improving driver visibility in all weather conditions.

Shelf Life
Bottle Size
Flash Time
Dry Time
Cure Time
2 Year +dependent upon environmental conditions
Very Good
Clear / Transparent    
12 to 24 months (unopened) from shipment date store dry at 18C to 23C
30ml bottle, 50ml bottles, other sizes on request
50ml bottle will cover a sedan sized car windows, mirrors and headlights
0 to 30 seconds, wipe on – buff off
20 minutes
Full cure 24 hours